Congressman Keith Ellison

Representing the 5th District of Minnesota



Civil And Human Rights

Rep. Ellison is an accomplished civil rights, employment, and criminal defense attorney with a long record of community and civic engagement.  His family’s involvement in the Civil Rights struggle between the 1950s through 1970s influenced Keith’s commitment to the cause of justice and creating an inclusive and fair society.  As a result he has staunchly supported efforts to protect voting rights, to advance equal rights for women, and to increase healthcare access.

Prosperity for Working Families

Beginning in 2008 the United States experienced its deepest recession since The Great Depression.  The combination of stagnant wages, high unemployment, and rampant home foreclosures has combined to squeeze the middle class into a shaky financial position. Access to honest banking and credit services, protective financial regulations, and a world-class education helped build the middle-class and fuel The American Dream. 

Environmental Stability

Rep. Ellison is committed to the protection and stewardship of the natural resources that enable Americans to enjoy clean air, drink clean water, and eat food without toxins. It is this commitment to sustainable environmental practices that led him to help found Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota (EJAM), which focuses on resolving environmental issues that lead to health disparities in communities of color. 

Peace & Security

Rep. Ellison promotes maintaining peace and security in the United States and abroad as one of his primary tenets and he has debated the wisdom of fighting unnecessary wars. He has served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which oversees U.S. diplomatic and national security interests throughout the world. Rep. Ellison opposed the U.S.'s entrance into the Iraq War and has called for the end to the war in Afghanistan. The Congressman strives to support Congressional actions affecting U.S. relationships with foreign governments to show respect for the individual and a commitment improving life for all people.