Congressman Keith Ellison

Representing the 5th District of Minnesota


Voting Record

Here are Keith's 10 most recent floor roll call votes. Please note it may take up to 24 hours for votes to show up. If you'd like to see his full voting record, please see the easy-to-navigate Washington Post's Vote Database or the official site maintained by the Clerk of the House.

Recent Votes

Date Roll Call Bill Vote
12/13/2018 435 H.RES.1091 Not Voting
12/12/2018 434 H.R.2 Not Voting
12/12/2018 432 H.RES.1176 Not Voting
12/12/2018 431 H.RES.1176 Not Voting
12/11/2018 430 S.825 Not Voting
12/11/2018 429 S.3029 Not Voting
12/11/2018 428 H.R.7217 Not Voting
12/10/2018 427 H.R.3008 Not Voting
12/10/2018 426 H.RES.792 Not Voting