Congressman Keith Ellison

Representing the 5th District of Minnesota

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Rep. Ellison Statement on EPA’s Proposed Carbon Rule

Jun 2, 2014
Press Release

MINNEAPOLIS—Rep. Keith Ellison released the following statement today after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a new rule to drastically cut carbon-dioxide emissions from coal and gas fired power plants.

“Reducing carbon pollution from power plants is the right thing to do and will guarantee a healthier future for our children. It is the single most important action that President Obama can take to minimize the worst effects of climate change. Investing in green energy creates good jobs around the country.

“Polluters must pay for the damage they cause. Communities around the country are already seeing higher rates of childhood asthma, increased food prices and superstorms that hit low-income communities hardest—all the effects of a changing climate. In Minnesota, we have had three 1,000-year flooding events in the last decade. By aggressively cutting carbon pollution and holding fossil fuel companies accountable, we can lower health costs for millions of Americans. 

“A strong proposed rule to cut carbon pollution is essential to our future. It is our moral obligation to slow the worst effects of climate change. Cutting carbon pollution will make us more competitive with other countries who are already investing in a clean energy economy. ”